FV430 Series Vehicles

FV434, FV438, FV439

Each of these vehicles is based on the FV432, but with significant modifications

FV434 Engineering Vehicle

The FV434 is instantly recognisable by its crane jib. This vehicle has an open top compartment at the rear. FV434 has been used for removing and transporting Chieftain engines and for general heavy engineering tasks. It is not intended as a recovery vehicle.


FV438 Swingfire Missile Vehicle

This is a modified FV432 mounting the Swingfire wire-guided anti-tank missile. The missiles can be loaded from inside the vehicle, unlike FV102 Striker. The vehicle shown in this picture is on display at Bovington.


FV439 With Ptarmigan

Ptarmigan is a mobile digital communication system interlinked by radio in such a way as to provide automatic re-routing in the event of interruption or breakdown of any part or parts of the system.


 - 1925
(pre-GS 'A' number designations)

1925 - 1945 non-a numbered (named only) vehicles

General Staff 
 A-Number List 1925-1945 

Post 1945 FV Numbers

Post WW2 vehicle with no FV number

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