A13 Mk I, Cruiser Mk III

This was the first of two production prototypes, A13E1 being the original Christie vehicle

This was the first British tank to use Christie suspension and followed recommendations from the Assistant Director of Mechanisation at the War Office, Lt. Col. G. Le Q. Martel who had been impressed by Christie prototypes he had seen in trials. A prottype Christie vehicle was purchased (A13E1), from which the eventual design evolved. There were two production prototype vehicles, A13E2 and A13E3. The vehicle took just two years from allocation of funds in 1936 to delivery in January 1938. They were used by the 1st Armoured Division in France, 1940 and in small numbers in Libya, 1940 - 41.


Crew: 4

Armament: Main: 2 pdr QFSA; Secondary: 1 x Vickers .303 cal MG

Battle weight: 31,360 lbs

Length: 19ft 9ins; Height: 8ft 6ins; Width: 8ft 4ins

Armour: Max 14 mm, Min 6 mm

Engine: Nuffield Liberty V12, 340 hp

Max speed: 30 mph


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