A13 Mk II, Cruiser Mk IV

This was essentially an up-armoured version of the Cruiser Mk III and indeed, some Mk IIIs were modified to Mk IV standard. Some vehicles had the mantlet boxed in with additional armour. There was also a CS (Close Support) version with a 3.7 ins howitzer as main armament. The Mk IVA had the co-axial Vickers MG replaced with a Besa.



Crew: 4

Armament: Main: 2 pdr QFSA; Secondary: 1 x Vickers .303 cal MG (Mk IVA, Besa MG)

Battle weight: 33,040 lbs

Length: 19ft 9ins; Height: 8ft 6ins; Width: 8ft 4ins

Armour: Max 30 mm, Min 6 mm

Engine: Nuffield Liberty V12, 340 hp

Max speed: 30 mph



 - 1925
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