A13 Mk III, Cruiser Mk V, Covenanter

Cruiser MkV**, Covenanter III

Although one of the best looking British vehicles, this tank was beset by problems, mainly revolving around engine cooling, and was effectively unbattleworthy as a resut of its appalling reliability. The front mounted radiator meant that piping had to run through the crew compartment, providing unwanted heat hazards and discomfort for the crew. In consequence, the four marks of Covenanter differ principally in their engine cooling arrangements. The pictures are of the vehicle in the Tank Museum at Bovington. There were also, bridgelaying, mine clearing, command and recovery vehicle variants.


Crew: 4

Armament: Main: 2 pdr OQF (3 inch howitzer on CS models; Secondary: 1 x Besa MG

Battle weight: 40,320 lbs

Length: 19ft 0.375ins; Height: 7ft 3.75ins; Width: 8ft 6.75ins

Armour: Max 40 mm, Min 7 mm

Engine: Meadows Flat 12 D.A.V. 280hp

Max speed: 31 mph

Covenanter II

This is one of my 1/76 scale models. It is the Matador conversion from the Airfic Crusader, although really it is a new model in as far as it is a completely new hull, but using the Airfix wheels and turret. These wheels are slightly oversize for purists, but the general effect is OK. I drilled out the depressions in the rubber tyres to achieve a more authentic appearance.

Mine Roller

Bridge Layer

 There are more pictures at Chris Shillito's  Armour in Focus

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