A17 Light Tank Mk VII Tetrarch I

Tetrarch I

Front view of Tetrarch at Bovington, 1998

The Light Tank Mk VII Tetrarch was originally intended by Vickers in 1937 as a successor to Light Tank Mk VI, but was not at first accepted for service in this role. Tetrarch was, however, taken into British service in 1941, and was used in the invasion of Madagascar. Tetrarchs were also supplied to Russia. They are perhaps best known for their airborne use as the freight of Hamilcar gliders. Tetrarch remained in British service until well after the war (~1949).

Tetrach I, rear view

3/4 rear view


  • Crew: 2 (commander, gunner, driver)
  • Battle weight: 16,800lb
  • Dimensions: Length 13ft 6ins; Height 6ft 11ins; Width 7ft 7ins
  • Armament: Main: 2pdr QFSA (3in howitzer in MkI CS); Secondary: 1x7.92mm Besa MG
  • Traverse: 360
  • Engine: Meadows 12cyl. 165hp
  • Max speed 40mph (28 cross country)
  • Ammunition stowage: 50 rounds 2pdr; 2025 rounds 7.92mm
  • Steerable road wheels

Turret, showing smoke projector

Turret, showing smoke projector
Turret showing aerial mount

Turret, showing detail of aerial mount

Interior view

Interior view looking aft through driver's visor
Turret interior

View upwards into turret from drivers position.
Drive sprocket

Drive sprocket

"Airdraulic" suspension details


Extratech Tetrarch  

This is the Extratech 1/72 Tetrarch
in resin and etched brass - a nice little model

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