Cruiser Tank, A34 Comet

War and Peace Show 2004

The Comet was essentially an improved version of the Cromwell, with a special compact version of the British 17 pdr, known as the 77 mm OQF as main armament. The first few vehicles were issued in December 1944, with the bulk of the first delivery in the following March

Duxford 2003
Duxford 2003
War and Peace Show 2004
War and Peace Show 2004

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Tankfest 2002


Designation: Tank, Cruiser, Comet I (A34)
Crew: 5 (commander, gunner, loader, driver, co-driver)
Battle weight: 78,8001b
Dimensions: Length 25ft 1.5 ins; (21 ft 6 ins, gun aft)
Width 10 ft
Height 8ft 9.5 ins
Track width: 15.5 ins
Track centres/tread 8ft 1.25 ins
Armament: Main: 1 x 77mm OQF
Secondary: 2 x Besa 7.92 cal MG (one co-axial) Armour thickness: Maximum 101 mm
Minimum 14mm
Traverse: 360°- Elevation limits : -a-20° to -12°
Engine: Rolls-Royce Meteor V12 600hp
Maximum speed: 29mph
Maximum cross-country speed: 16mph (approx)
Suspension type: Improved Christie with return rollers
Road radius: 123 miles
Fording depth: aft (4ft prepared)
Vertical obstacle: 3ft
Trench crossing : 7ft 6in
Ammunition stowage: 58 rounds 77mm

Special features/remarks: Distinguished from Cromwell by return rollers above road wheels. Welded turret with cast front, prominent cupola, and forward sloping roof, Prominent counterweight at turret rear. Late production vehicles had armoured fishtail exhausts and improved "breathing" system.


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