Infantry Tank A38 Valiant

Valiant was intended to be an improved version of the Valentine designed by Vickers and built by Ruston Hornsby in 1944. The armament was a 6 pdr, intended ultimately to be replaced by a 75 mm gun. The tank was intended to be light, but heavily armoured and in consequence was small and cramped. Descriptions of the trials suggest that it was very uncomfortable and physically hazardous for the driver. The project was shelved, but not before a Valiant II had been proposed with a Meteorite engine, a shortened version of the Meteor, and improved transmission. Valiant I is on display at the Tank Museum, Bovington.


Crew: 4
Battle weight: 60,480 lbs
Length: 17 ft 7 ins; Height: 7 ft; Width: 9 ft 3 ins
Armament: Main 75 mm OQF; Secondary: 2 x 7.92 cal Besa MG
Engine: GMC Diesel , 210 hp
Max speed: 12 mph (cross country, approx 7 mph)
Suspension: Independently sprung bogie for each wheel
Road radius: approx 80 miles


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