A43, Tank, Infantry, Black Prince

This vehicle was effectively a Super Churchill, and was in fact originally known as such. It was developed as a result of delays in the A30 Challenger programme as an interim vehicle pending development of the A41 Centurion. Six vehicles were delivered for trials in May 1945, but too late to see action. They were fully tested, but no production order was placed. There is a vehicle on display at Bovington.

Designation: Tank, Infantry, Black Prince (A43)
Crew: 5 (commander, driver, gunner, loader, co-driver-hull gi!nner)
Battle weight: 112,000lb
Dimensions: Length 28ft 11 in Track width 24in
Height 9ft Track centres/tread Width 11ft 3.5in
Armament: Main: 1 x 17pdr OQF
Secondary: 2 x 7.92 cal Besa MG (one co-axial)
Armour thickness: Maximum 152mm; Minimum 25mm
Traverse: 360°
Engine: Bedford twin-six 350hp
Maximum speed : 11 mph
Maximum cross-country speed: 7mph (approx)
Suspension type: Sprung bogies
Road radius: 80 miles (approx)
Fording depth: 3ft 4in (unprepared)
Vertical obstacle: 2ft bin
Trench crossing: 10ft
Ammunition stowage: -

Special features/ remarks: Distinguished from Churchill VII by longer gun, bigger turret, wider hull, and absence of side-mounted air intakes. Though powerfully armed and armoured, this vehicle's tactical value was limited by its very slow speed.

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