FV101 CVR(T) Scorpion


War & Peace Show 2004

Scorpion is the light tank member of the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) or CVR(T) family. It has a crew of 3, is air portable and has a maximum road speed of 50 mph. The main armament is a 76 mm L23A1 gun firing fixed QF ammunition. Scorpion has now been withdrawn from service with the British Army. Early vehicles had a flotation screen fitted. This is not normally seen in more recent vehicles.


War & Peace Show 1999

Photo: Thanks to Marcus Gaffney

Bovington 1999
War & Peace Show 2004
War & Peace Show 2004
War & Peace Show 2004

FV 101 Scorpion


Armament 1 x 76 L23A1 Gun, 1 x 7.62 rnrn L43A1 Machine-Gun and 2 x 3- or 4-barrel smoke dischargers;
Crew 3;
Weight in action 7,938 kg:
Length overall 4.788 m; Length of hull 4.572 m; Height 2.102 m; Width (overall) 2.235 in; Width (over tracks) 2.134 m; Track width 0.432 m; Ground clearance (approx) 0.356 in;
Maximum road speed 80.5 km/h; Range (roads) 644 krn;
Engine type Jaguar J60 No. 1 Mark 100B; Engine power 190 bhp; Engine capacity 4.235 litres; Fuel capacity 423 litres;
Ammunition capacity 76 mm -40 rounds, 7.62 rnrn-3,000 rounds;
Main armament elevation -10° to + 35°; Main armament traverse 360°.



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