FV107 CVR(T) Scimitar

This was the second member of the CVR(T) family to enter British Army service, following FV101 Scorpion. The first vehicle was delivered in 1973 with others following in 1974. Early vehicles were characterised by having a fitted flotation screen, long since discontinued. The vehicle is intended for the close reconnaissance role and is fitted with 30 mm Raden main armament. The pictures on this page were taken by myself at Tankfest 2002, Bovington and are of serving vehicles. Note the polygonal turret in the same style as that used on FV101 Scorpion.


FV107 Scimitar

Armament 1 x 30 mm RARDEN L21 A2 Gun, 1 x 7.62 mm L37A1 Machine Gun. 2 x 4-barrel smoke dischargers;

Main armament elevation -10° to +35°; Main armament traverse 360°.

Crew 3;

Weight in action 7,800 kg; Length overall 4.985 m; Length of hull 4.794 m; Height overall 2.096 m; Width overall 2.242 m; Width over track 2.134 m; Track width 0.432 m; Ground clearance approx. 0.42 m;

Maximum road speed 80.5 km/h; Range (roads) 644 km; Engine type Jaguar J60 No.1 Mark 100B petrol; Engine power 190 bhp; Engine capacity 4.235 litres; Fuel capacity 423 litres;

Ammunition capacity 30 mm - 201 rounds, 7.62 mm - 3,000 rounds;


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