FV 4030/2 Shir 1

(Khalid in Jordanian Service)


Pictures of Shir 1 (Khalid) taken at Bovington Tankfest 2006

In 1974, Iran ordered 125 Shir 1 tanks. The vehicle was effectively a modified Chieftain using running gear that was the basis for Challenger 1. Following the fall of the Shah of Iran, the new government cancelled the order in 1979. Jordan, however ordered 274 slightly modified Shir 1s, now known as Khalid. The pictures are of the Jordanian Khalid design.






Crew: 4

Armament: 1x120 mm; 1x7.62 mm coaxial MG; 1x7.62 mm MG (anti-aircraft), 2x6 smoke grenade dischargers

Hull length: 8.39 m; Width: 3.518 m; Length, gun forward: 10.795 m; Height: 3.012 m

Combat weight: 58 tonnes; Weight empty: 56.5 tonnes

Engine: Perkins Condor 12V 12-cylinder diesel, 1,200 bhp at 2,300 rp

Max road speed: 56 km/h; Estimated range: 450 km



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