A4, Light Tank Mark II

Light Tank Mark II was introduced into service in 1930 as a direct development of Light Tank Mark IA. It was one of the first vehicles to have Cemented Tank Armour, a type of face-hardened armour which resulted in significant weight savings. This armour was used in all light tanks henceforth, up to Mk VI. The leaf suspension of the Light Tank Mark I was replaced with Horstmann suspension with horizontally mounted springs. Light Tank Mark II was still in use as a training vehicle as late as 1940.

Summary of Principal Light Tank Mk II Variants
Light Tank Mk II No 1 Mk I turret with no air louvres on turret side and a sliding roof hatch. 16 built, 12 by Vickers-Armstrong, 4 by Royal Ordnance Factory.
Light Tank Mk IIA

Two fuel tanks. Built by Royal Ordnance Factory.

No 1 Mk II turret has air louvres on each side at the top. The sliding roof hatch of the No 1 Mk I was replaced with a more secure arrangement of a folding hatch with two doors.

Light Tank Mk IIB

One large capacity fuel tank. Built by Vickers.

Turret as Mk IIA

Light Tank Mk II Indian Pattern Square non-rotating cupola on louvred turret. Sources suggest that these vehicles were not refitted with Rolls Royce engines.

Originally these vehicles were manufactured with a Meadows engine, but most were refitted with a Rolls Royce engine.

Turrets later upgraded to Mk I* and Mk II* both with louvres with anti-bullet splash baffles fitted.

The suspension was also upgraded on most vehicles to a dual spring system.


Pictures of Light Tank Mark IIA

Vehicle at The Tank Museum, Bovington, Tankfest 2006


(all Marks)
Armament 1 x Vickers MG, 4000 rounds
Weight 4.25 tons
Suspension Horstmann
Armour 4 mm/10 mm

Length: 11' 9"

Width: 6' 3.5"

Height: 6' 7.5"

Max Road Speed 30 mph
Operational range 125 miles

Original: Meadows 58 bhp

Refitted: Rolls Royce 6 cyl. 66 bhp


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