M110A2 8 inch SP Gun in British Service

The M110 8 inch SP gun is a US army vehicle that saw service in the British Army from around 1965 along with the similar M107 175 mm SPG. Both share the same hull and chassis, with the M107 being easily distinguished by the much longer gun. The M110 was nuclear capable and was intended for use well behind lines, hence the lack of crew protection. The pictures are of a privately owned vehicle and were taken at the War and Peace Show, UK, 2005.



8-in Self-Propelled Howitzer M110A2

Armament 1 x 8-in M201 Howitzer; Crew 5 + 8; Weight in action 28,350 kg; Length (gun forward) 10.7 m; Length (hull only) 5.72 m; Height (top of mounting (0°) 2.809 m; Height (top of barrel, travelling) 2.93 m; Width 3.149 m; Track width 0.457 m; Ground clearance 0.441 m; Maximum road speed 56 km/h; Range (roads) 725 km; Engine type GMC Model 8V71T Detroit Diesel; Engine power 405 bhp; Engine capacity 9.3 litres; Fuel capacity 1,137 litres; Ammunition capacity 8-in-2 rounds; Main armament elevation - 2° to +65°; Main armament traverse 60°.

The trial designation for the US Army was T236E1. Apart from the barrel and mounting it is almost identical to the M107 175 mm M113 SP Gun.




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