CVR(T) Scorpion 90


Scorpion 90 is an upgunned vesrion of Scorpion, not in service with the British Army, but intended for export. Pictures taken at the War and Peace Show, Beltring 2005.


CVR(T) Scorpion 90


Armament 1 x Cockerill 90 mm Mk III Gun, 1 x 7.62 rnrn L43A1 Machine-Gun and 2 x 3- or 4-barrel smoke dischargers;
Crew 3;
Weight in action 8,723 kg:
Length overall 5.08 m (from rear mudguards with gun forward); Length overall 5.288 m (from rear stowage bin with gun forward) Length of hull 4.572 m; Height 2.102 m; Width (overall) 2.235 in; Width (over tracks) 2.134 m; Track width 0.432 m; Ground clearance (approx) 0.356 in;
Maximum road speed 72.5 km/h;
Engine type Jaguar J60 No. 1 Mark 100B; Engine power 190 bhp; Engine capacity 4.235 litres; Fuel capacity 423 litres;
Main armament ammunition: HE, HEAT, HESH, Smoke (white phosphorus)
Main armament elevation -8° to + 30°; Main armament traverse 360°.



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