Infantry Tank Mark III Valentine

Infantry Tank Mk III Valentine Mk 1

Valentine had no A number designation, not being designed to a General Staff specification. Marks I and II had a two man turret and 2 pounder main armament, and differed in engine. Mark III had a three man turret and 2 pounder. Mark IX was armed with a 6 pounder.

Infantry Tank Mk III Valentine Mark I

Tank Museum Bovington

Valentine Mark IX

Tankfest 2002, Bovington

Tankfest 2002, Bovington

Tankfest 2004, Bovington

Valentine Mark IX DD

Tankfest 2004, Bovington and War & Peace Show 2004

This vehicle has duplex drive (DD) for tracks and for propeller for propulsion in water with raised flotation screen

Valentine IX DD, War & Peace Show 2004


Designation: Tank, Infantry, Mk III, Valentine Crew: 3-4 (commander, gunner, driver)
(plus loader in Mks III and V)
Battle weight: 39,0001b (41,0001b Mk VIII-XI) Dimensions: Length 17ft 9in Track width 14in
(19ft 4in, Mks VIII-XI)
Height 7ft 5-in Track centres/tread 7ft 3in
Width 8ft 7.5 in
Armament: Main: Depends upon Mark.
Armour thickness: Maximum 65mm
Minimum 8mm
Traverse: 360°. Elevation limits: +20° to -5°
Engine: Depends upon Mark
Maximum speed: 15mph. Maximum cross-country speed : 8mph (approx)
Suspension type: "Slow motion" with 3-wheel bogies
Road radius: 90 miles
Fording depth : 3ft Vertical obstacle: 2ft 9in Trench crossing: 7ft 6in
Ammunition stowage: 79 rounds (2pdr versions),
3,150 rounds 7.92 cal MG
53 rounds (6pdr versions),
1,575 rounds 7.92 cal MG (not Mk IX: - no co-ax MG)

 - 1925
(pre-GS 'A' number designations)

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